Wow, 2016 was absolutely insane for me. On a personal note I dealt with some hardships that have helped shape me into who I am today and on a business note I took my photography to the next level which was absolutely awesome. My dreams came true because of what happened to me personally and the investments that I chose to make. So here’s my story.

Let’s start off with saying that I joined the 2016 Robert J Hill mentorship and that was a huge factor for me. He taught me so many things that I had never even thought about. A lot of people don’t invest in outside education because they don’t have the money. Let me tell you. I didn’t have the money. I already had $0 in my bank account but I decided to do it anyways because I knew it was going to be a life changer for me – and it was. I truly believe this was one of the main reasons why I was able to get to where I am today.

We’re all human and I have no problem sharing my life stories and what I’ve overcome. Hopefully it helps some people who have went through the same stuff and can see that hardships do end. At the beginning of 2016 I was going through one of the hardest times of my life. I had recently gotten out of a 6 year relationship and didn’t really know how to handle myself. I saw myself at a complete low. Sleeping all of the time, not eating much, laying in bed as much as possible, basically trying to escape every day life to not feel the pain that I was feeling. Time always eases the pain but taking photographs of people who were in love was my escape. I’ve always loved taking photographs of couples, but it was my only motivator to get me out of bed and now it started to give me this natural high. It was something I started to crave and I couldn’t stop.

From Jan 2016-March 2016 I was learning a lot from being in the 2016 Robert J Hill Mentorship and I was doing a ton of engagement shoots, working on my brand as a photographer, and working on myself and my own personal growth. Yes, I was actually motivated to get out of bed again, and yes for the first time in a few months I actually started to feel happy. Then out of nowhere this guy Nick pops up in my life. Literally out of nowhere, well kind of. We actually met on tinder. But that’s another long story. All of a sudden I was living what I was craving through these photographs. Our first date was literally like a romance movie. Dinner on a patio alone, walk on the bridge (it’s portland, we have a ton of em), and a simple kiss goodnight. When we met, something just sort of clicked and we knew it. Everyone around us was telling us how good of a match we were and how our personalities just worked so well together. Now all of a sudden I wasn’t craving to capture people in love for my own weird satisfaction, I was craving to do it because I had felt this amazing love and I wanted to show the world that other people were just as in love too.

As the months go by everything in my life is perfect. I’m working on my business, I did the live shoot with my mentorship which taught me a ton, my relationship is great, what else could I ask for? Oh wait… I’m still needing to make $10.50 an hour to pay my bills. I live in the heart of portland, and let me tell you rent is NOT cheap. So over the summer I worked so hard on defining my brand, working on my target audience, trying to get my name out there as much as possible. I knew I was a good photographer, it’s just so hard to get your name out there in Portland when there are 500 wedding/engagement photographers just in the Portland metro area alone. There were times where i’d be up late working and this was after I was glued to my laptop all day and Nick would wonder if I was ever coming to bed. I was shooting weddings, re-doing my website, teaching Nick how to be my second photographer, commenting on engaged peoples Instagram posts telling them I wanted to shoot their wedding, joining groups on Facebook. and you know what? IT ALL WORKED

In the final 3 weeks of summer I had booked 12 weddings. TWELVE. in just 3 weeks, and now i’m already to 18.

I finally said goodbye to my day job.

If you put your all into something and you’re good at what you do it will not fail.

Now I’m working on something pretty exciting in my personal life.

Living in the heart of portland for the past year has been absolutely amazing, but isn’t the lifestyle that Nick or I want to live. We want to live a more simple life where we can spend more time together, have time to garden, go on hikes, and let our dogs run free instead of being cooped up into a tiny apartment. (we’re tired of being cooped up in a tiny apartment also) So we would like to proudly like to announce that we’re moving out of Portland and we’re going to buy a cabin in the beautiful Mt. Hood National Forest.
Not only will we be free from the financial burden but we will also be free from the chaos and traffic that happens while living in the city.

Here’s to a year filled with love and happiness and here’s all of the couples that helped my dreams come true, cheers!