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        Allie & Mike’s wedding was so laid back. Every time I go through their photos I just get a happy feeling in my stomach and a huge smile on my face. They were the sweetest and they both had a laugh that will be embedded into my brain until the day I die.

        Since they were originally from Idaho, I didn’t meet Allie or Mike in person until the day of their wedding yet they still felt so comfortable around me and I felt so comfortable around them. They welcomed me into their family and we ate desserts, took photo booth photos, danced and had a great time! There’s actually a photo of nick dancing in one of the photos in this gallery! Be on the lookout for it.

        Although the entire wedding was amazing, my absolute favorite part was their grandma wearing the flower crown and dancing. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

        Here’s a small glimpse of their wonderful day.

        So fun! Beautiful pics Allie!!

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