Cheryl and Ron are actually from my hometown and are having a destination wedding in Sisters, Oregon. They got in contact with me to do their engagement session when they came up to visit and wanted some sort of waterfall in their photos!

When we got to Sahalie Falls (I had never been) we were surprised to see it right off the trail. So we walked the trail a little bit so I could get some ideas flowing and then I told them the game plan.

I said, “alright, we’re going to walk the trail back to Sahalie Falls, then you’re going to hike down and get next to the waterfall” and they were totally down. They even went BAREFOOT. They scaled a freaking rock barefoot guys.

Then after I told them that I really loved getting sunset photos and they were still down to drive to another location and take more sunset photos. We all had so much fun, we were SOAKED but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.