Triple falls is such a beautiful set of waterfalls past the Oneonta Gorge. Oneonta is famous for it’s huge breathtaking gorge that you hike through to get to it’s final waterfall. Many people stop after they get to that waterfall, but when you hike past it, which most people don’t because it’s a very large incline, you reach something absolutely stunning.

Christina and Mauricio were totally down. What was awesome was that Mauricio forgot his nice shoes in the car so they offered to go barefoot. I was so stoked because right before they found out he forgot his nice shoes, I was going to ask them if they could just take their shoes off. It was meant to be.

They also had no hesitations when I asked them to walk on a fallen tree that was 20ft in the air, or when I told them I was going to put off a smoke bomb by them.

They are an awesome couple.