All of my weddings I shoot are seriously unforgettable but this one replays in my head constantly as one of the most fun weddings I’ve shot.

I flew out to my hometown in California to shoot Sarah and Zack’s wedding and my dad and grandma dropped me off at Sarah’s aunts house where Sarah was getting ready. I definitely felt like an adult being hugged and kissed goodbye by my grandma. Melissa, Sarah’s sister came out and gave me a hug and then showed me where all of the girls were. Sarah + 10 bridesmaids makes for a full house but such a great time. I haven’t seen the Ahlf family in a few years and their wedding date, May 7th, was particularly special because it is Sarah’s moms birthday, who unfortunately passed away from breast cancer a couple years ago. I was really good friends with Tommy, Sarah’s younger brother, and I remember always spending my summers over their house so being able to be apart of their day was such an honor. Sarah and Zack both had people who are really close to them with them the whole day. Zack on his boutonniere, Sarah on her bouquet.

The way it was slightly raining, the gasps from the bridesmaids, the tears from her dad, and the smile on Zack’s face, when they all saw her for the first time made the mood filled with so many intimate moments. The whole day was special, but intimate, yet so much fun. A beautiful ceremony and some cake and donuts later, the reception was one huge celebration and dance party.

A truly, truly unforgettable day.

Venue: Lone Tree Golf Course
Florist: Beautys Blossoms
2nd photographer: Jordyn Khan (check out her photos of sarah and zack here)

Zack and Sarah-3Zack and Sarah-68Zack and Sarah-22Zack and Sarah-33 Zack and Sarah-38Zack and Sarah-44Zack and Sarah-59Zack and Sarah-62Zack and Sarah-84Zack and Sarah-138Zack and Sarah-151Zack and Sarah-182Zack and Sarah-187Zack and Sarah-189Zack and Sarah-196VG9A7841Zack and Sarah-86Zack and Sarah-253Zack and Sarah-248Zack and Sarah-73Zack and Sarah-284Zack and Sarah-291Zack and Sarah-271 Zack and Sarah-277 Zack and Sarah-302 Zack and Sarah-115Zack and Sarah-212Zack and Sarah-265Zack and Sarah-123Zack and Sarah-331 Zack and Sarah-325Zack and Sarah-402Zack and Sarah-407Zack and Sarah-483Zack and Sarah-484Zack and Sarah-505 Zack and Sarah-510Zack and Sarah-447Zack and Sarah-489Zack and Sarah-469Zack and Sarah-479Zack and Sarah-585