I have come to realize not very many of my weddings are actually in the Portland city limits. Whether I’m driving to the coast or traveling somewhere far it’s nice to sometimes stay close to home. I got to capture the beauty thats right in front of me everyday and that I sometimes took for granted.

Stephanie and Michael did things a little untraditional. They got engaged and got married only a month later. They didn’t want to stress about all of the little details and months of planning so they decided to skip all of that and just get married because thats what they wanted to do!

The day was filled with lots of family and love but a couple of my favorite parts of the wedding was when Michael & Stephanie had a “blind first look” and Michael snuck in two little bottles of alcohol. I wonder what everyone in the church was thinking when they heard us busting up laughing in the next room over. The next moment was when us 3 hid in the kitchen to have a quiet meal. Sometimes even the bride & groom need to escape to spend some time together and I don’t blame them! Steph & Michael wanted the day to be about their love.

Here’s Stephanie & Michael’s cute little church wedding, it’s adorable.